We are a small team of crazy creatives, world citizen , free spirited artists ,in love with making beautiful jewelry and slow fashion for you . 

Our goal is to make your life more  joyful, to help you to shine your inner beauty and to design jewelry which is timeless and full of meaning and soul , you are my inspiration to make this world a better one.

thank you for your grace and friendship .

Together we are one family .



More than a  slow fashion & jewelry designer and proud to call Ibiza home base, Jane Natascha Naeke is a travel enthusiast constantly on the lookout for a new exotic destination to discover.

When she's not in the studio working with her team or anchored down in her hillside Finca with family, Jane can be found scouring markets and combing shops around the world for , gemstones ,fabrics and design inspiration.

She considers every place she visits a chance to unearth fresh trends and track down textiles of the finest quality.

Ananda Ibiza is an embodiment of her passion-driven wanderlust and a representation of her free-spirited bohemian lifestyle.



Most days you can find me…. somewhere in the land of my finca in the mountains of North Ibiza Spain or when this shit virus let’s us travel and move again  between supplier visits in India, Bali and Marrakesh and many other beautiful places on this planet . when I am home in Ibiza  I run the online business , do the photo shoots , work at my farm growing veggies , do downward dogs, sinking Earl Grey tea  like nobody's business and Sunsets at the beach, it’s fair to say I’m a woman on the move.

I don’t stay put in one place for too long and I make sure my days are full of a good mix of business & pleasure!

I am mostly known for...  having my moods - so be aware ..working , creating and over thinking . I never stop . But If I stop , then you see me  being silent and meditating on life and my self .

People often refer to me as… Jane the fish which is difficult to catch .

I love serving the world by... being a positive ambassador for sustainability  slow fashion  design and transparent supply chains. I hope that this soon becomes industry standard.

The things that I am most passionate about in life are... my family and few friends , my suppliers which I love and be close , sustainable  textiles , nature and a good time out at a lonely beach

I create products for... Sun seekers across the globe who appreciate good quality and sustainably & ethically produced pieces for their wardrobe.

As a Designer... I’ve been driven to make special and high quality products for all woman all sizes and all colours

When I’m not busy working on Aurobelle  &  Ananda Ibiza you can find me... out on a solo hike trough the Himalayas or doing a Pancha karma Ayurveda cleaning in Kerala , munching on lots of Nadi Goreng in Ubud ,Bali which would be my ideal place for my retirement if this ever happens...or cruising with my old Mitsubishi jeep trough the valleys of the Alentejo Portugal country where I found my Bohodreamhouses in Odeceixe Basically anywhere where there’s nature or water , I’ll be there!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I was growing up in a wild Hippy family in south Germany .Left 24 years ago to Ibiza which is my destiny.

2. As a kid I used to  spend days making dresses for my Barbies and dolls

3. When I was in Bombay working for Lufthansa as a stewardess an Astrologer told me 25 years ago I would become a fashion designer and I thought he was nuts .

4. I never ever dreamed I would have my own brand & store.

5. I’m a total book worn. Give me a good book & you won’t hear from me for 48 hours.

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