Hola, Amiga!


I have some exciting news!


Many of you have been following me and helping my brand to grow, and it is not a secret, how much I love colour, quality and storytelling. I created this brand for strong, vibrant and passionate women, just like the women of my family, just like you and just like women in your lives.


Beauty CAN save the world!


Never doubt that, my dear Amigas.

The beauty I am talking about is not defined by things like age or size, but it is deeply visceral knowing that I can make a change, that the decisions I make on a daily basis can be an inspiration for the younger women around me, can be a light and fire for women who may have reached crossroads in their lives, can be a loving, embracing quality of support, encouragement and togetherness – real queens fix each other’s crowns, after all!


And here is the beautiful, sparkly and charming news – Ananda Ibiza jewelry!


I have had this inspiration to create something new, to grow and expand, to create pieces that are an embodiment of a spiritual woman, who knows her self-worth and her deeply creative feminine power, woman, who turns the heads when she enters the room, who instantly changes the vibe of said room and who is not afraid of her own shine.


I am staying faithful to our values – ethical slow fashion, that empowers local communities and serves you in your lives as a stylish, high quality companion. Ananda Ibiza is a handmade jewelry – no other piece is the same! The jewelry is created by local artisans in Jaipur (India’s royal land of traditions, vibrancy and gem stones) and Bali, one delicate piece at the time, merging time tested vintage and modern excitement.


Oh, what a bliss!


These pieces certainly live up to their name – Ananda – joy, bliss, happiness!

We are using precious gem stones, crystals, decorative beads and much more to create timeless, rich in heritage, exquisite creations for our beloved fashionistas – wild and free souls, adventure seekers, wander lusters, mothers and daughters – all strong yet soft manifestations of the feminine – you, my dear amigas.


Ananda Ibiza introduction gift to you – enjoy 20% off all stunning pieces on our website, just for you! Visit us on and browse our stunning soulful collection, where inspiration of Mediterranean turquoise see, royal heritage of India and Bali’s joy of life merge and come  together as timeless and unique pieces of jewelry, that will become a part of family heirloom.


Oh, and about the Beauty, that can change the world!


We, at Aurobelle Ibiza and Ananda Ibiza are deeply committed to our artisans in India, who are mostly women from all walks of life. Currently India is going through devastating challenges with the second wave of Covid. We have decided to give something back to our communities, to support them in these hard times and help them rise again – we are donating 5% of all sales to India’s Covid relief organizations, who provide medical supplies and meals for those who are going through crisis right now.


Together we rise as one, my dear amigas!

And may the Beauty of your hearts save the world!


I bow to you all in gratitude.



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